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TalkInfo provides locally centred audio information and news services to areas of the UK.


Produced by local volunteers, TalkInfo is designed especially for those unable to access local printed media (whether through sight loss or disability) and delivered by TNF.

Each area delivers a fortnightly audio summary of local information and news enriched with a variety of nationally sourced material.


In addition to local information and news, each edition also contains suggested national radio listings and details of the week’s Audio Described TV. These tracks update every week within the fortnightly edition. Extra features such as a quiz, updates from British Blind Sport and a variety of entertainment articles add a light-hearted counter-balance to the more serious news items.


TalkInfo services are available in a number of regions across the country. A full list can be found in our directory.

To find out if your area has an independent Talking Newspaper service, you can use the directory on the TNF website.

If your area has neither, get in touch!


TalkInfo services are delivered free of charge and there are a number of ways to listen outlined on our listening instructions page.

There will never be any charge to listen and there will never be any adverts, but we do welcome donations towards to cost of running the service from those who feel able to contribute.

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